All You Need to Know About Electric Grill Griddle Combo

All You Need to Know About Electric Grill Griddle Combo

Grills and griddles are among the essential equipment in the household. If you want food with beautiful char marks, unique taste, and a pleasant flavor, you never go wrong with a grill. If you’re going to make a breakfast meal like pancakes and bacon, try it on a griddle. Did you know you can have all this on a single piece of cooking equipment? Yes, with an electric grill griddle combo.
What is exactly an electric grill griddle combo? It’s an electric cooking unit with a cooking surface made of a grill plate and a griddle. You can grill steaks on the grill’s side and cook a side dish on the griddle surface. Let’s explore more about grill griddle combos, their benefits, choosing the right one, and answer some FAQs.

What is an Electric Grill Griddle Combo?

It’s a cooking appliance that features two different trays on the cooking plate. One side is a grill, while the other side is a griddle. Generally, it allows griddling and grilling in one piece of equipment.

Electric grill griddle combos have a heating element under the cooking plate, and it evenly distributes heat for cooking. Also, they feature temperature controls that help in heat regulation while cooking.

Also, these combos are suitable choices for indoor cooking since they’re smokeless. Depending on the manufacturer or model, they come in different sizes and designs. You don’t need a stand for basic indoor cooking, but for outdoor cooking, it’s necessary.


Why is a Grill Griddle Good?

• Convenience

Electric grill griddle combos offer the function of two different appliances on a single piece of equipment. You have a grill and griddle as a combo. Isn’t it convenient? You can make your French toast and eggs for breakfast and still use the appliance to grill your burgers in the afternoon. Also, you can grill your salmon on the grill side and your favorite side dish on the griddle part. The convenience of a grill griddle combo will save you the effort and time of cooking on two different appliances.

• Ease of use

Electric grill griddle combo isn’t a complicated appliance since everything is in a single unit. The cooking surface on the grill and griddle side are non-stick; thus, food doesn’t stick.
Most electric grill griddle combos have thermostats; therefore, you can easily attain an ideal heat for the food you’ll be cooking on both sides of the combo. It also comes with a drip tray that collects excess oils dripped from the food. Thus, no messy cooking. Finally, setting up this combo is pretty easy, and so is disassembling it for storage.

• Versatility

Do you want to cook a variety of foods or different cuisines on a single appliance? An electric grill griddle combo is all you need for the task. Everything you can cook on a typical griddle, or a grill can go on this kind of unit. Depending on the model, a combo can go up to 430 degrees F and above.

• Indoor cooking

Electric grill griddles are suitable for indoor cooking. They don’t produce smoke as most gas and charcoal grill does. They are compact thus occupy minimal space in the kitchen storage. Also, you can use them on a kitchen countertop like any other appliance.

• Affordability

Electric grill griddle combos are affordable compared to buying a grill and a griddle as two separate appliances. They cost the same as a typical electric grill or griddle or relatively higher.
For instance, a standard electric grill can cost anything from $50 to $400, while a commercial electric grill can go above $500 depending on the size, model, and manufacturer. An electric griddle ranges between $20 and $800 depending on the model, size, and manufacturer. What if you bought a piece of equipment with a grill and griddle at the price of one electric grill?


Things to Consider when Choosing an Electric Grill Griddle Combo

If you look forward to purchasing an electric grill griddle combo, here are a few things you should consider.

1. Size

The size of an electric grill griddle combo you select matters. You need a combo of a reasonable size that can hold enough food for the number of people you’ll be cooking for regularly.
The combo should also fit within your available space in your kitchen if you’re buying it for indoor cooking.

2. Ease of use and cleaning

Electric grill griddle combos come in different styles and designs. You should consider a combo that you can easily use and clean. Some models are tough to clean in specific areas unless you disassemble the entire unit. Is assembling it hassle-free? If not, consider a less complex combo.

3. Versatility

One thing you should be concerned about while choosing an electric grill griddle combo is what food you can cook on it. A good combo should cook both grill and griddle dishes with much ease.
Also, consider a combo that can attain the ideal temperature for cooking a variety of foods.
Lastly, you need a combo that will serve indoor and outdoor uses.

4. Durability

A good combo is sturdy and bears a bit of rough handling. Also, the cooking surface should accommodate different cooking styles without being damaged. Generally, a good combo should serve you for a reasonable period before it’s worn out and requires replacement. Therefore, select electric grill griddle combos that are made of quality materials such as cast aluminum, and stainless steel.

5. Portability

If you’re buying an electric grill griddle combo for indoor cooking, consider one that is lightweight and compact. Such a design is easily portable. If you are looking for an outdoor combo, consider one with a stand and maybe with some caster wheels. However, portability boils down to the entire design of a combo. Therefore, select a portable design.


A. What foods can I cook on an electric grill griddle combo?

It’s a versatile cooking appliance that can cook most foods cooked on electric grills and electric griddles. For example, you can cook pork chops, ribeye steak, hamburgers, and vegetables on the grill side. You can cook bacon, pancakes, eggs, vegetables, and hash browns on the griddle side.

B. Are electric grill griddle combos expensive?

Electric grill griddle combos are not expensive. They are an alternative for someone who wants to own a grill and griddle at the same time. It’s a single appliance offering both functions for relatively half the price you would have paid for the two appliances separately.